Monday, December 8, 2008


Blech...why the heck do they always havta call recess indoors on the first snowstorm!?!? without fail...EVERY bloody time....the bell is about to ring, or you are just lining up for lunch when...out the window, a single flake drifts gently to the griound and SECONDS later....."Pardon the interruption teachers......" yeah, we know what's coming... "lunch recess will be held indoors today due to incliment weather.." Blech! half the class cheers (the bookworms and socially awkward) and the rest boo and hiss, no win.

so after lunch they drink half their milk and a bite of their hot dog and rush back to the class, getting there seconds befiore I even do.....arrggghhh, yet we know that in a month from now when it is REALLY coming down and you can't even SEE outside, will they call it then? NOpe. Oh well, Teachers need breaks too, but we rarely ever get them.

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Blake and Jenn said...

Mom told me what happened at the library. God is sure kickin' your butt, which I think means big (and I mean good) things are ahead for you. I'm praying for you. Things will work out. God is funny like that-we all know that.