Friday, February 13, 2009

Staying ALive!!!!!!

So, I was driving up Murray Holladay Road, enjoying my freedom from school when a great song came on the radio. "Staying Alive", so I cranked it up and was shrieking the words out loud in my car. I casually glanced out my window and saw these three guys, TOTALLY decked out in pink 70's attire, boogying down and doing the disco, one of them was stutting his stuff on the curb, one was dancing on the grass and one was "enjoying the company" of a lampost. They were dancing like they could hear my music, it was great!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Fibonacci Curse...

I am convinced that my car is under some sort of cruel math curse. In 2005, shortly after I first purchased it, I went outside one morning to find it covered in green paint (the culprit of this act is still at large). A few years later my rear view mirror broke off, then last winter I slid off the road, crashed into the curb and threw out my alignmnet. The mishaps seemed to be getting closer and closer...
This past Labor Day, my car was towed, then three months later my passenger's side window was shattered and my school bag was stolen... Then only a few weeks ago I locked my keys in the car while it was running...... earlier this past week my car just wouldn't start, like tha battery was dead, it took several minutes before the ignition would turn over.

As I reflected on all these incidents, they seemed to occur more frequent each time, and it reminded me of Fibonacci's sequence: 0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 etc... with each successive number being a combination of the two previous ones. I think the sequence is working in reverse for my car, it is a countdown......I have only days left until the car seriously runs into problems...... I know that nature is repleat with this pattern, but my car? Seriously! There's nothing so 'golden' about THIS ratio.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hook, line, and sinker....

So, I played a pretty good joke on my parenets over the hollidat break... It started when a good friend and I were talking and I told her I could convince my parents of ANYTHING (whether due to their trust in me, their naaivity, or my incredible acting skills I'm not sure, probably the first). So she suggested we have a little fun.

My friend had been engaged once before and still had a wedding band, so I borrowed a fancy ring box and the game was on. Now, all my parents knew about this girl was that I had known her for about three weeks and we were just friends. On a Saturday afternoon I called my folks up and informed them I had some big news to share and really needed to talk to them, they were away at the moment and wouldn't be back till later that night; perfect.

they must have called every half hour, anxious to know the 'big news', but I kept quiet until the big moment that night. Well, when they arrived home they called me frantically and told me to come over. When I arrived at 7:15 I told them I only had a few minutes to talk. I shakily explained that this wasn't what I expected at all, that it was all so fast and confusing, but that I knew it was right and I was going to do it. Then I tild them the girl I met was more than just a friend, and that IO had purchased a ring and was on my way to propose, and just wanted to let them know before I did so. They had a million questions, and many words of caution. both concerned at how fast it all happened. Just as I was starting to lose my cool I recieved a text from a friend i hadincluded in on the joke. the text read; "everything is ready to go". I told my parents I had some friends setting up roses for my 'proposal', and that I had to go. They wished me luck and told me to call as SOON as I had her response.

Hook, line, and sinker......they bought it all...I was actually amazed, I knew I was good....but THAT good? yup, THAT good. The plan was to bring my 'fiance' ' to dinner then next day and see how far we could take it, but the guilt got to me and I called home at the time I was meant to be proposing. They were very confused and kept asking what her response was....finally they understood. They were very...subdued...towards me the next few days.

Yup, my parents believe every word I say, yet I vow to only usethis power for good. (most of the time:)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I thought she died when I heard the "thump"

The short drive leading down to my cmplex from the main road runs at a slightly steep angle, enough so that at this time of year, there always seems to be a car spinning its tires just inches from the cleared blacktop of the main road. Such was the case as I arrived home Friday afternoon. I passed a woman with spinning tires, parked my own car then thought to myself 'she is soo close, I could give her a quick push and she will be to the street'.
My charitable side should have died with that thought....after several attempts at pushing her, she was still getting nowhere, she rolled down her window and after a moments conversation I realized she did not speak much English. We attempted the feat several more times. Reversing the car and starting from a gentler slope. Finally, within feet of the main road, she communicated that I should open the passenger's side door and push, I placed myself, unsure of her idea. Then she opened her door and stepped out, bracing herself against the driver's side door. I watched in horror as she put the car in neutral. NOT a good idea.
I desperately tried to tell her to put it back in drive, but it was too late, the car had begun to slide backwards, its open doors pushing us down the hill with us. I threw myself into the door, knowing even as I did so we stood no chance against the car's momentum. The sliding became faster, and we were losing control. I yelled through the car at her.
"Emergency brake! pull the emergency brake!" She was struggleing more than I was, my eyes frantically searched the car for a brake. The car was going faster down the hill, pushing us backwards as it did. Faster, Faster. Fear now, panic. Faster. I heard her scream and through the car I saw her fall. Then I heard the "thump", and the car ran over a bump, then seconds later smashed into a fence. Silence.
I ran around the car to see how bad the damage (to the woman) was. Thankfully the bump the car hit was only a pile of snow, the car hit the fence moments before it would have run her over. I was relieved.
The back tail light was smashed and part of the bumper was damaged, but the woman, though scared, was unhurt. I eventually managed to drive the car myself up to the street while she called her husband for help. It was a very scary experience. I thought she died when I heard the "thump".

Monday, December 15, 2008

end of the world...

So I got a letter from the prophet today. It said "URGENT", and "OPEN IMMEDIATELY" on the front. So I had a seat on my couch and gently opened it, not every day someone gets a letter from the prophet. I read through it and was astonished at what I read...

Apparently the world is going to end two months from now and I am one of the chosen few who needs to pack up my stuff and head West. The instructions were VERY vague, but the details on the forthcoming calamaties were pretty detailed.

If you are living in California, you might want to move soon, there will be a HUGE monsoon in three weeks time that will destroy nearly half of the state. There will be several more large scale attacks on the US, and a genocide in Africa. And if you haven't been to Egypt to see the Great Pyramid yet, don't bother, it will be gone within the week due to a heay earthquake.

Weather calls for huge hailstorms across the nation and don't look to the skies cuz you're gonna get hit by falling stars!!!

Well, I'm gonna go pack my bags and head on out...nice knowing you all!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I hope theives can correct...

So I left the library yesterday and walked out to my car....which, by the way, was parked IN a parking lot, UNDER a lapm post, and WITHIN sight of the library entrance....anyway, I went to open the door an dnoticed I had left my driver's side window down. Then I saw the glass. And why would I roll my window down in the cold? More glass. On the seat, on the ground, in my car....the window had been shattered!!!!! Somebody had smashed my window, I thought it was the cold, some sort of thermodynamics sorta thing...then I thought maybe someone just got too close when they pulled in next to me......then I realized my bag was big school bag with my planner and information, and some of my students' assignments, including their book reports. they must have thought it comtained a l;aptop, yeah, like I can afford one of those on a teacher's salary. Well, I looked around and snooped in some dumpsters, hoping the criminals had discovered their stupidity and tossed it, no luck, so, anyway, I hope the criminals at least corrected their book reports before they threw the bag away.....